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Crushing Google!

Forbes published an article about the heating competition in the search engine industry. The article said that Microsoft and Yahoo are working hard to grab some share in the search market, and more importantly take a share in the strong online ad-selling market. Both companies are working on the development of their ad-selling systems to become a major rival to Google’s Adsense. During the past few years, Google pioneered as a search engine, and moved from this into ad-selling, which contributes to 60% of Google’s profits (around $1.1 billion). When anyone surpasses Google’s share in the search-engine industry, it will be the beginning of a very sharp falling for Google down to hell!

But it won’t be easy to get Google out of the way. To be able to get a share in the ad selling business, the two companies need a lot of efforts to catch up with Adsense. Adsense is now not only a good option for advertisers to make people find them; it is also a favorite for publishers who make money out of their websites with Adsense. So Adsense is already embedded in thousands of websites, and Google is giving an advertiser a way to be almost everywhere relevant on the web.

So I guess they will have to use the web search market first. It is likely that Google lose its place to other search engines in the next years. According to a market search from Intralink, was a better option than Google in a recent search-results relevancy test. Also, Microsoft said it will take up the search market from competitors in five years. And these people can make everything happen. The company with $34 billion in cash has the means to crush Google when they plan to.

What is left for competitors to wipe Google is to clear the brand name that is pronounced by almost every internet user in the world. Google has been so famous in the last few years, that I guess every rival should spend a big budget on making people forget it. For me, Google became part of my daily vocabulary, part of my daily research for any piece of information (I Googled about 6 times while writing this). It almost became part of my life, and this is very hard for Yahoo and Microsoft to deal with. That’s why I am hoping to hear from Google soon about their defensive acts towards attacks from Microsoft and Yahoo.

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